Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mini-Open Studio October 2008

Dear Art Lovers

You are all invited to my Mini-Open Studio this year at my Studio in the Dogpatch area near Potrero on Saturday 25th Oct. My studio mate, artist Alex Nichols, will also be showing her work there at the same time, you can see some of her work here. We are not part of Artspan Open Studio this year, although Artspan Open Studios is happening in the Potrero Hill area that weekend, so there's lots to see. We will only be open one afternoon, please see below for details.

'Nude No.3', 2008, charcoal on paper

I will be showing recent oil paintings as well as drawings and some watercolours. Prices range from $30 to $5,000 and everything in between.
Art will be on show and for sale, but this is just as much an opportunity to see people I haven't seen for a while and meet new people. I hope you can come, please bring friends and family along, I'd be looking forward to seeing you there!

October 25th, Saturday, 2-5pm.
Reception is at 4-5pm

610 22nd Street, Studio 316, 3rd Floor
American Industrial Building
San Francisco, CA 94107

tel: 415. 203-8782
Street parking should be fair on a Saturday.

Pics from Mini-Open Studio October 2008. Courtesy of Mirena Rhee.

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